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Weekly Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Monday  8-9am Aerial Foundations 930-1030am Flip & Flow Aerial Yoga 1045-1145am Float & Meditate 5-6pm Low Flow Aerial Yoga 630-730pm Flip & Flow Aerial Yoga 745-845pm Aerial Yoga Foundations Tuesday 930-1030am Aerial Yoga Foundations 1045-1145am Low Flow Aerial Yoga 1215-1pm Bungee Fitness Level 1 5-6pm Aerial Yoga Foundations 730-830pm Flip & Flow Aerial Yoga  Wednesday 8-9am Flip & Flow Aerial Yoga 930-1030am Bungee Fitness Level 1 1045-1145am Aerial Yoga Foundations 5-6pm Restorative Aerial Yoga  630-730pm Aerial Yoga Foundations 745-845pm Low Flow Aerial Yoga  Thursday  930-1030am Low Flow Aerial Yoga 1045-1145am Float & Meditate 1215-1pm Bungee Fitness Level 1 5-6pm Flip & Flow Aerial Yoga 615-715pm Low Flow Aerial Yoga 730-830pm Floating Sound Bath and Breathwork Friday  8-9am Low Flow Aerial Yoga 930-1030am Aerial Yoga Foundations 1045-1145am Flip & Flow Aerial Yoga 5-6pm Low Flow Aerial Yoga 630-730pm Bungee Fitness Level 1 745-845pm Restorative Aerial Yoga Saturday 815-915am Low Flow Aerial Yoga 930-1030am Aerial Yoga Foundations 1130am-1230pm Bungee Fitness Level 1 Sunday 815-915am Low Flow Aerial Yoga 930-1030am Flip & Flow Aerial Yoga 1130am-1220pm Bungee Fitness Level 1

Pricing and Membership Options

Pricing Options

Single Drop in

Enjoy a single class with this pricing option.

30 days of unlimited yoga

New clients only* Enjoy 30 days of unlimited classes at ALL 3 LOCATIONS. This membership includes both in-person and our on-demand services.

10 class pack

Enjoy 10 in-studio Aerial or Bungee fitness classes. 

Monthly Unlimited Access

Unlimited access to our aerial and bungee fitness classes at Yes Aerial Fitness. 

ALL 3 Monthly Unlimited Access 

Enjoy unlimited access to our Yoga, Bungee Fitness, and Aerial Yoga classes at all 3 studio locations. 

Unlimited Yearly Access

Will  you attend yoga a couple times a week at YES Aerial Fitness? Do you like to save money? If you answered yes, then this membership option is for you! 

ALL 3Unlimited Yearly Access

Will  you attend yoga a few times a week across all 3 studio locations? This is our best deal for unlimited access to all things Yoga Essence!

Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Aerial Yoga Foundations In the foundations session you will, learn how to choose an aerial hammock, in studio, that works best for your height; get acquainted with what its like to move in some familiar mat yoga poses with the support of the hammock; learn how to sit into and come out of the silk (because its kind of awkward at first) and be guided through some of the basic Aerial Yoga poses (including getting UPSIDE DOWN) in a slow, safe and, above all, FUN class setting! All levels welcome. No prior yoga or aerial yoga experience required. Recommended For: New to aerial, or want more time to learn some fundamental poses.

Flip & Flow Aerial Yoga *If you are new to aerial yoga, please take at least 2 Aerial Yoga Foundations classes before taking our Flips and Flows Class. * One of the main benefits of aerial yoga is that it can help to decompress the spine, lengthen the muscles, and relieve tension in the body. The suspension of the body in the hammock can create an incredible sense of weightlessness, which can help to relieve pressure on the joints and allow for greater mobility in the body. The practice can also help to improve balance, coordination, and flexibility, while also helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Flips and Flows Aerial Yoga is a dynamic style of aerial yoga that incorporates more challenging movements and sequences. This class requires a certain level of strength, flexibility, and confidence in the hammock. In a Flips and Flows class, students can expect to be challenged with more complex poses, transitions, and combinations of movements. The class typically starts with a warm-up and a series of stretches to prepare the body for more advanced movements. The instructor then guides the students through a series of flips, tricks, and flows that are designed to build strength, coordination, and flexibility. Some of the signature movements of Flips and Flows Aerial Yoga include inversions, aerial flips, and dynamic transitions between poses. The practice can be quite challenging and physically demanding, but also exhilarating and fun. Flips and Flows Aerial Yoga is a unique and exciting style of yoga that offers a fun and challenging way to explore new possibilities in the hammock. It can help to build strength, flexibility, and confidence, while also offering a fun and playful approach to yoga. It is important to note that Flips and Flows Aerial Yoga is intended for students with a more advanced yoga practice and a certain level of experience working with the aerial hammock. Beginners are typically encouraged to start with at least 2 Aerial Yoga Foundations classes before trying a Flips and Flows style class.

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Float & Meditate Floating guided meditation in an aerial yoga swing is a unique type of meditation that combines the comfort and support of an aerial swing with the relaxation and visualization techniques of guided meditation.  Floating guided meditation can be especially helpful for people with chronic pain, as it can provide relief from physical discomfort while promoting relaxation, mindfulness, and stress-reduction.   Often supported by calming music and gentle movements to enhance the meditation experience, you may be asked to focus on your breath or visualize a peaceful scene.  As you relax in the swing, you may gently sway with the movements of the swing, which can help to deepen your relaxation and enhance the feeling of floating. 

Low Flow Aerial Yoga The practice involves the use of an aerial yoga hammock, which is a silk fabric loop that is suspended from the ceiling. During the class, the body is supported by the hammock, which allows for a deeper and more supported practice of yoga postures, stretches, and movements. Our low flow aerial yoga class is a type of aerial yoga that focuses on practicing yoga poses with a slower, more mindful movement. In this type of class, the movements are designed to be slow and fluid, helping you to deepen your breath and connect with the present moment. The aerial hammock is lower to the ground and is used as a prop to support the body and create traction in the joints, allowing for a safe and supported practice. The class typically begins with a warm-up to prepare the body and mind for the practice, followed by a series of slow, fluid movements that are performed in and around the hammock. The practice is designed to help students connect with their breath and move mindfully through each pose. The hammock provides support and stability, allowing students to explore challenging poses with greater ease and confidence. Low flow aerial yoga classes are suitable for all levels, including beginners, as we focus on building strength and flexibility slowly and safely. This is a unique and enjoyable class that offers a fun and challenging way to deepen your yoga practice and explore new possibilities in your body. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner, this style of yoga can help to improve your overall well-being, both on and off the mat.

Bungee Fitness Bungee is a stunning aerial art form that will give you the opportunity to both defy gravity and experience weightlessness. Students will manipulate the tension provided by the bungee cords against the floor to create beautiful, floating, and flowing movements in the air. Each participant will be suited up in their own bungee harness at the start of class and alternate in and out of their bungee point. Bungee lends itself to beautiful sequencing and dance-like movement, but don't let its beauty fool you — classes can also provide a unique and intense cardio workout! No Pre-Requisites! All levels of movers, dancers, or aerialists are welcome.

Restorative Aerial Yoga Relax into the support of the hammock and allow the assistance of gravity to open up the body. Explore the deep healing benefits of a restorative practice as we slow down the body and mind. Restorative Aerial Yoga is designed for students of all levels looking to slow down their practice and use the hammock closer to the ground. Hammocks are hung low to the ground, and postures are held for longer periods of time. This will allow the body to surrender and release tension. The support of the hammock ensures proper alignment for a safe, healing practice.

Kids Aerial Yoga

Kids Aerial Yoga

Child & Me

Ages 2-8



Ages 9-12


FAQ for Bungee Fitness


Is there an age limit? 

Yes. All class participants must be at least 13 years of age. Ages 13 -14 can participate only with parent/guardian present or participating in a private or regular class Weight limit still required. Ages 10-12 can attend a private class with a parent or guardian participating. Weight limit still required

What should I wear?

Please wear or bring indoor (ones that are not exposed to concrete on a regular basis) workout shoes and workout attire. We recommend wearing comfortable athletic leggings or bike shorts, a tank top or t-shirt, supportive athletic shoes, and a medium-high impact sports bra (if applicable). Loose clothing and short shorts are not recommended. For men, please wear supportive, fitted clothing. Loose basketball shorts and boxers are NOT recommended.


Is there a weight limit?

Yes, there is a weight limit for bungee participation of 240 lbs. Harnesses and bungee cords will be adjusted to provide proper resistance, and harnesses do come in a variety of sizes, but for a safe and successful training session, the weight limit is 240 lbs.


Bungee classes seem a little pricey... why?

This is a common question. The harness and bungee systems are very expensive, and thousands of dollars are invested into each. In addition, the bungees themselves are consumable, and must be replaced every few months to ensure consumer safety. Bungee classes around the country average $35 per class; we are charging just enough to cover expenses and provide this amazing practice because we believe in it wholeheartedly!


What are the medical concerns?

Participants may not have serious medical conditions, injuries, or recent surgeries, and participants may not be pregnant.


What if I must cancel my bungee class?

YES Aerial Fitness policy states that a six-hour notice is required for cancellation on reserved class spots. We ask that clients only register for classes they absolutely plan on attending. We do understand that sometimes life gets in the way, but due to the limited class spots or training sessions, late cancels or no-shows will lose that missed class.


Should I eat before a bungee class?

If you choose to eat prior to class, please allow enough time for digestion. Eating a large meal immediately before class is NOT recommended.


In what order do I take bungee classes?

To avoid frustration or potential injury you should take the classes in this order:  Level 1 followed by level 1.5.

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