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Welcome to Dunellen.

Located on the 2nd floor at 14 South Washington Avenue, Dunellen, NJ, this 1200sq ft studio is your home away from home. We offer our signature classes 7 days a week and welcome students of all levels - beginners and experienced! Check out our schedule below and book your first class today.

Parking- please only park along the train station side of the lot or in front of the tattoo shop, Mike's burger shop.. These spaces are numbered and offer unlimited access to our students. Do not park right in front of our door or you risk being towed. 

Weekly Class Schedule


9:30am Hot Yoga

10:45am Deep Stretch/Yin

6:30pm Warm Slow Flow

7:45pm Hot Yoga


9:30am Kundalini Yoga

5:30pm Hot Yoga

6:30pm Aerial Yoga

7:45pm Hot Yoga


5:30am Hot Yoga

9:30am Hot Yoga 

6:00pm Restorative Aerial Yoga

7:30pm Hot Yoga


8:30am Warm Slow Flow

10:00am Hot Yoga

11:30am Aerial Yoga

6:00pm Deep Stretch/Yin 


5:30am Hot Yoga

9:30am Unheated Vinyasa

12:00pm Aerial Yoga

5:30pm Hot Yoga

6:30pm Aerial Yoga

7:45pm Deep Stretch/Yin


5:30am Hot Yoga

9:30am Unheated Vinyasa  

12:00pm Aerial Yoga

5:30pm Kundalini Yoga

6:30pm Hot Yoga


8:30am Hot Yoga

10:00am Unheated Vinyasa Yoga

11:30am Aerial Yoga

Class Descriptions

Hot & Unheated
Vinyasa Yoga 

GREAT FOR ALL LEVELS - Turn up the heat or choose our unheated Vinyasa class for room temperature. Both offer a faster-paced vinyasa flow class designed to build strength and flexibility throughout the body.  

While all classes at Yoga Essence are beginner friendly, this one may feel the most challenging out of all the ones we offer.  However, we make sure to offer modifications and resting periods for you to take.  While we will push you and motivate you to keep going, you will never feel intimidated. This hot class is heated 90-100 degrees and offers cold towels at the end.

Deep Stretch/Yin 

GREAT FOR ALL LEVELS - In this class, you will focus on achieving overall relaxation through the breath and long, deep holds through yoga postures practiced on the floor. 

Your body weight and gravity will allow you to sink into yoga postures that are held around 3-5 minutes each. Through this meditative practice of passive stretching, the connective tissue and long muscles are safely lengthened resulting in improved flexibility. Additionally, the nervous system will have a chance to return to a natural, calm state.

Kundalini Yoga 

Kundalini Yoga class will concentrate on building core strength to increase both stamina and self-confidence. We will practice a particular Kriya (set of exercises)---combined with strong Pranayama (breathwork), followed by deep relaxation and ending with a meditation designed to go inward while still working on core muscles.

The teacher will offer modifications and brief rest periods, accommodating all levels.

[Optional: There will be some chanting. In Kundalini Yoga, utilizing one's voice is a part of building confidence and increasing core strength.

Warm Slow Flow

GREAT FOR ALL LEVELS - This slower-paced class is designed for you to spend more time in each pose while maintaining a steady heart rate. You may explore different variations of sun salutations while holding poses longer, challenging the mind to stay present.  This class will still offer the option to move through chaturangas, building a strong foundation for your overall practice.  The room will be heated 75-80 degrees and offers cold towels at the end.

Aerial Yoga 

GREAT FOR ALL LEVELS - Aerial Yoga elevates your yoga practice with the support of the aerial hammock. In this unique + dynamic style of yoga that blends traditional mat yoga with aerial, you’ll explore some familiar shapes and postures in new planes. Balancing poses become more stable, backbends more supported and inversions become almost effortless with the aerial hammock acting as your own personal assistant. Plus, you may just have one of the most blissful savasanas while floating in the hammock. 

Restorative Aerial Yoga 

Relax into the support of the hammock and allow the assistance of gravity to open up the body. Explore the deep healing benefits of a restorative practice as we slow down the body and mind. Restorative Aerial Yoga is designed for students of all levels looking to slow down their practice and use the hammock closer to the ground. Hammocks are hung low to the ground, and postures are held for longer periods of time. This will allow the body to surrender and release tension. The support of the hammock ensures proper alignment for a safe, healing practice. 

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