Outdoor Yoga at Dunellen and New Providence 

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Dunellen outdoor classes are held at Washington Memorial Park – click here for directions 

New Providence outdoor classes are held at the lot at the Murray Hill Train Station (right across from the studio) – click here for directions 

Some common Q&A’s we receive around outdoor classes:
  1. Can I use my current membership? Yes, all passes are valid for these classes.
  2. Is registration required? Yes, for new and existing members.
  3. What should I bring? Yoga mat, water, blanket/towel, props, sunscreen, bug spray (although we chose different locations this year to avoid bugs, would rather be safe than sorry)!
  4. How early should I arrive? Same as indoors, no more than 10 minutes early.
  5. What if it rains? We will make the decision 90 minutes before class and communicate via text and/or email. We will move classes indoors and you will have the option to opt out via text or email to us to avoid the late fee (since it’s an automatic system wide setting, we can’t change for these classes but will be happy to remove you if you don’t want to go indoors).