At Yoga Essence, we truly want to commit to your health and safety. We will continue to comply with federal and state regulations as our studios reopen. Please take the time to read about our safety measures that we are taking and/or asking our community to practice.

Class Registration/Procedures

Due to limited class sizes, pre-registration will be strongly encouraged for all classes. We ask that you register for class at minimum 2 hours in advance! We are asking our community to work together during these times by honoring one another. Given the private nature of our studio, signing up means you are personally reserving a yoga instructor.  Please do not sign up for a class and not show, there are fees involved.  Late Cancellation is a class cancelled less then 2 hours before the classes start time. We understand sometimes an unexpected absence can occur, but every late cancellation is subject to the $15 fee. Class Pack members will have their class deducted from their packages as well. Trust us, we know this isn’t ideal and we hope you can understand that this is intended to be a preventative measure rather than a penalty. No-shows and no-cancels limit other members from participating in classes and is disruptive to our Member Community. At Yoga Essence, we have always been a very laid-back studio with very little policies which is the energy we hope to maintain.

Our doors lock at the start of class time to ensure the safety and privacy of our students.  No one is admitted 5 minutes after class start time. Late comers are disruptive to class, please arrive 5 – 10 minutes before class start time.

As of May 28, 2021 masks are now OPTIONAL when inside the studio. Please continue to wear one if you are comfortable. Also, we are requesting that you DO NOT ask other’s if they are vaccinated or their opinion on the matter. We honor and respect each other’s personal lives and it is not necessary to bring that discussion amongst one another before or after class. Yoga Essence is a sacred place where people come to escape the news, daily responsibilities, and to turn inward to the Self.

Studio Cleanliness
We will maintain a clean environment using proven disinfecting procedures and products. The first step we took during quarantine was to sell all studio props. The purpose of this was to avoid sharing props amongst one another. Students will be required to bring their own mats and props to class. There will be consistent cleaning throughout the day, every day. More specifically, teachers will disinfect the studio after each class. We will no longer use towels in the studio space or bathroom (we know this isn’t eco-friendly, but we have no choice). Students will be asked to disinfect the handles touched in the bathroom after use. Disinfectant wipes will be available at all times in the bathroom. We ask that you open the bathroom door with the wipe and dispose of it in the garbage when done.

Personal Space
All of our class sizes will be limited to allow social distancing. We will be removing the dots on the floor, so please be mindful when choosing your yoga spot to assure we can comfortably fit everyone into class. We will also be bringing back out our hands on assists chips!!! It is up to the teacher if they would like to offer them, so if they do please take one if you would like to begin receiving them again.

Air Circulation
We will keep all windows and doors open (weather permitting) to allow fresh air to circulate through the studio. We have also worked with our landlords to assure clean air filters are in place and have put HEPA Filter Air Purifiers in each studio.

Health & Hygiene
Please DO NOT attend class if you are not well, been tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 2-3 weeks, or not comfortable being around people indoors. We ask that anyone who is showing flu-like symptoms (including coughing) does not come to the studio to practice. If anyone is coughing or showing these symptoms in-studio, we will kindly ask that they leave, and we will put additional disinfecting measures into place for the areas that person was within the studio. We reserve the right to take temperature and any temperature at 100.4 or above will not be permitted into the studio’s space. All staff and members are asked to diligently wash their hands for a minimum of twenty seconds after using the restroom and consistently throughout the day.