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When you are looking for a local Yoga Studio near , there are many choices, but only one yoga studio offers you the largest class selection and the most experienced yoga teachers. At Yoga Essence, we pride ourselves on making sure each of your classes is different, unique, and challenging. Yoga Essence Yoga Teachers have decades of combined experience teaching many different disciplines of Yoga, so no matter what your skill level is, being on the mat at a Yoga Essence class is a great choice!

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Tired of low back pain? Ready for some upper body strength? Know that you need core strength but don’t know how to get it? Therapeutic, warm, beginner's yoga classes based on Bikram yoga. Our expert teachers will lead you through a safe, standardized sequence designed for everyone whether you just want to tie your shoes without pain or you are a training Olympic-level athlete. You'll properly warm up your muscles and joints for a great stretch of the back, shoulders, hips, and more to promote better circulation and tension release.

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You'll challenge, strengthen, and stretch while flowing through Vinyasa postures making you warm up and sweat! A great mental workout, too - focusing and calming the mind through physical movement. You'll do Vinyasa flows, Down Dogs, Sun Salutations, hip openers, etc. Every class is a little different to keep you on your toes. Our teachers are experts at support when you need it and challenge when you want it.

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