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Every business needs rules and regulations to help promote functionality and consistency; Yoga Essence is no exception. Our goal is to make your yoga experience as easygoing and carefree as possible. Please keep open communication with us if you have any questions or concerns about your membership, an experience at the studio, or anything else you would like to discuss.


Class Enrollment:

Please do your best to sign up for classes in advance.  It is so important that our teachers have a good understanding of who is coming to class, as they use an abundance of personal resources to get there for you.  If you're ever having trouble signing up for class, click the chat button and we will help you!

No-Show/Late Cancellation Fees

You will be charged $15 for a no-show OR if you cancel your class within 2 hours (floor yoga) or 24 hours (aerial yoga at YES Dunellen), or 6 hours for all classes at YES Aerial Fitness of the start time. No exceptions! Please be mindful of only taking a spot in class when you are certain you can attend!

Class Etiquette:

No cell phones during class. We understand wearing fit watches to track activity, so please just make sure they are silenced and that you are not texting.  If you have an extenuating circumstance that requires you to have your phone available, please let us know. 

Don't be late.  Studio doors will lock at the start of class time to assure the safety and privacy of every student arriving on their mat.  Be 5 (minimum) or 10 minutes early and enjoy the extra relaxation you deserve! We will not accept phone calls after the start of class asking to be let into the studio.  If you are a repeat offender, we will have a discussion if our studio is right for you.

For Aerial Yoga, please refrain from wearing jewelry and make sure your nails are trimmed as sharp objects can damage the hammocks.  Please arrive early for all Aerial classes so you can be personally sized to your hammock.

Be mindful of personal hygiene. The practice of yoga is a beautiful thing, but sometimes it can turn us into hot, sweaty messes! Applying deodorant and wiping down your feet before class is a smart habit to get yourself into. Your neighbor loves and respects you, but doesn’t want to smell body odor! 

Which brings us to our next policy: take it easy on perfumes or colognes. These scents can become overwhelming, especially in a hot class. Some people are allergic or sensitive to certain smells.

Don’t skip savasana. If you have to leave class early, please alert your teacher before class begins.

Be kind to everyone! Spread love!


All accounts require a card on file at all times.

Class packages all have an expiration date and will be enforced with the exception of a medical situation preventing you from coming to the studio.  Class packages can not be shared between friends/family.  

Autopay memberships require a 30 days notice via email to if you want it paused or cancelled, no exceptions. 

Every transaction is final unless accidental on our part, please do not ask us for refunds.  

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