Get to know Chelsea,

owner of Yoga Essence

Chelsea is a 200-hour RYT and Level 1 Reiki Practitioner who began practicing yoga during her college volleyball career.  After 10 years of weight training and high intensity workouts that stressed her joints, yoga spoke to her.  What started as a physical workout turned into a way of life. Just a few weeks after her college graduation, she ventured to Kripalu School of Yoga in Massachusetts to become a certified yoga teacher so she can share this gift with others.

As a firm believer in leading a healthy lifestyle by exploring your best self, her classes will increase your strength & flexibility while gaining a true awareness of the breath. Chelsea gains great joy by helping others find happiness.  She achieves this by cultivating an environment where students can communicate openly, admit their struggles, celebrate their accomplishments & feel proud of who they are on and off their mats. Chelsea believes there is so much growth that can be discovered from the mental & physical practice of yoga.  To her, yoga can start at any age for any body.  Each sequence is unique, with the ability to speak to each individual.  Regardless of your experience as a student, Chelsea will safely guide you through the sequence while offering modifications that welcome all bodies onto the mat.


Chelsea opens Yoga Essence of New Providence & now owns 2 other locations in Lebanon and Dunellen!


Chelsea graduated college & instead of jumping into a job right away, she went for her Yoga Teacher Certification at Kripalu School of Yoga in Massachusetts.


Chelsea is sharing the practice of yoga with friends, family & those across the world through her Instagram page.


Chelsea took her first yoga class via Yoga Teacher, Erin Motz YouTube Channel. Erin Motz hosted a 30-Day Yoga Challenge for Beginners. Chelsea could do a headstand by day 30!

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