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Ashtanga Pop-Up Class

Try something new or visit your favorite practice!

Join Nicole in Dunellen Saturday April 9 at 4pm.

This pop-up class, designed for students interested in learning more about and practicing Ashtanga yoga.  The Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga is a vigorous and dynamic practice which focuses on the synchronization of breath and movement.  We will introduce you to the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method of teaching and practice. Students will become familiar with the fundamental techniques, basic postures and rhythmic flow of Ashtanga Yoga and get a glimpse as to how it is practiced and learned under the self practice / Mysore Style paradigm. 


This “pop-up” class will showcase the traditional elements of a led primary (i.e. the opening and closing mantras, Sanskrit counts, etc.), but will encourage modifications and the safe use of props to make this beautiful and strong practice accessible to all levels of students.

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