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Welcome to

YES Aerial Fitness.  


We are your Bungee Fitness and Aerial Yoga haven!


Join us at our studio nestled in the heart of Country Square Plaza, 56 Payne Road, Lebanon, NJ, 08833. Discover the thrill of bungee fitness and the serenity of aerial yoga – your adventure begins here!

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FAQ for Bungee Fitness


Is there an age limit? 

Yes. All class participants must be at least 13 years of age. Ages 13 -14 can participate only with parent/guardian present or participating in a private or regular class Weight limit still required. Ages 10-12 can attend a private class with a parent or guardian participating. Weight limit still required

What should I wear?

Please wear or bring indoor (ones that are not exposed to concrete on a regular basis) workout shoes and workout attire. We recommend wearing comfortable athletic leggings or bike shorts, a tank top or t-shirt, supportive athletic shoes, and a medium-high impact sports bra (if applicable). Loose clothing and short shorts are not recommended. For men, please wear supportive, fitted clothing. Loose basketball shorts and boxers are NOT recommended.


Is there a weight limit?

Yes, there is a weight limit for bungee participation of 240 lbs. Harnesses and bungee cords will be adjusted to provide proper resistance, and harnesses do come in a variety of sizes, but for a safe and successful training session, the weight limit is 240 lbs.


Bungee classes seem a little pricey... why?

This is a common question. The harness and bungee systems are very expensive, and thousands of dollars are invested into each. In addition, the bungees themselves are consumable, and must be replaced every few months to ensure consumer safety. Bungee classes around the country average $35 per class; we are charging just enough to cover expenses and provide this amazing practice because we believe in it wholeheartedly!


What are the medical concerns?

Participants may not have serious medical conditions, injuries, or recent surgeries, and participants may not be pregnant.


What if I must cancel my bungee class?

YES Aerial Fitness policy states that a six-hour notice is required for cancellation on reserved class spots. We ask that clients only register for classes they absolutely plan on attending. We do understand that sometimes life gets in the way, but due to the limited class spots or training sessions, late cancels or no-shows will lose that missed class.


Should I eat before a bungee class?

If you choose to eat prior to class, please allow enough time for digestion. Eating a large meal immediately before class is NOT recommended.


In what order do I take bungee classes?

To avoid frustration or potential injury you should take the classes in this order:  Level 1 followed by level 1.5.

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